The art of getting ahead of the game…

Holger Andersson, CEO

Constantly keeping track of what’s happening in the world around us is key for companies in all industries.

At the same time, experience demonstrates that there is danger in being too cautious.  Starting softly, as sportsmen say,  waiting for the right moment to pick up speed is critical. On the contrary it’s been all about gaining a leading position early on in the game for many years now.

This is just as true when unforeseen events in the world require new tactical approaches as it is when the market situation is stable.

SweDEM has operated on this assumption since the company was founded back in 1987, and thereby assisted many companies to increase their efficiency and profitability – an ambition that requires working with the entire company in order to optimize all procedures and processes.

“Everything starts with leadership.”

Clear leadership, with clear objectives is the basic premise.

An efficient organization with motivated and committed employees, as well as efficient and meticulous processes.  The development and implementation of business models are the key to the future!