The important of the leadership role in individual and organizational development.


The leadership role has always been important.

One of the major issues today is: How can it be clearer and at the same time more flexible?

Clearer and more flexible?  It sounds like a contradiction, but SweDEM’s leadership development programs shows this need not be so.

The first step of development is that you dare to look at your business and your leadership from above. From this vantage point you discover unknown roads, untried paths and new opportunities.

By running this process, step by step we can increase your capacity for effective leadership and coaching.

In parallel with leadership development we improve senior management team professionalism. This enables senior management to see their business with new eyes.

Greater efficiency and increased awareness of the role of the senior management team for the company’s operation and development.

Business Development

In a market with shrinking margins, it is necessary to stay ahead your competitors.

SweDEM increases your company’s profitability and value.

For example, we believe we can best create measurability, accuracy and predictability in your business model,  by creating order and method which  does not hinder creativity.

We ensure that decision-making works methodically towards its objectives.

You can also discuss with us whether employees and partners are correct for your business.

We can advise how to best describe your company’s strategy to your employees and to potential investors. For example if it is time to bring in new Board members or perhaps hire a foreign CEO.

It can also be about much, much more. When you use SweDEM we cover business and corporate development in many important areas, some of which are often overlooked.









Our coaching increases your ability to lead in a clear and efficient way. At the same time, we can develop the management group to become more effective and conscious of its role in the company’s operation and development.

Organizational Development

What does your organization look like? Is it the optimum for the activity you are engaged in, or does it need it be reviewed? Do you have the right person in the right place in the Organization and how do you know that any knowledge stays in-house even when an employee leaves?

Organizational development therefore raises questions such as: Has the employee the right training and the right experience? Are they are always acting in a way that drives the business forward.


Would you like to be as successful as previous customers we have worked with?

Contact us for an unbiased review of your situation. The sooner changes begin, the sooner you will get results!


Via SweDEM, you also get access to a dedicated mentor. This person’s expertise is shared during the journey to success and growing.

Our mentors are highly experienced with many and varied job skills which increase the value of any mentorship we can offer.